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Final Report

D1CCPS Final Report, December, 2014 –  (Excluding Appendices)
D1CCPS Final Report Appendices, December, 2014

Final Presentation

Final Presentation Archive

Additional Files

Adaptation Options By County
ESA Climate Data Memo Caltrans
Project Summary – Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment 08-01-2014

Project Background

The planning department of Caltrans District 1 applied for and received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to study the potential vulnerabilities of transportation assets to climate change throughout District 1 (Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, and Lake Counties), and to identify and evaluate a range of adaption options to address the identified vulnerabilities at four prototype locations. The study will begin with an inventory of transportation assets in District 1 and a subsequent analysis to determine which assets are critically vulnerable. Following this task, four pilot sites (“prototype locations”) will be selected for further analysis during the “adaptation assessment” phase of the project. The adaptation assessment will identify options for adapting Caltrans infrastructure to the various climate change factors and will evaluate the level of protection, flexibility, relative costs, acceptability, constraints, and benefits of those adaptation options. The adaptation methodology will include criteria and a ranking system to prioritize adaptation improvements. It is anticipated that the methodology developed will be available to other agencies throughout District 1 and other transportation agencies for future/further analysis of other infrastructure. The project will be guided by the Technical Advisory Group, which is comprised of representatives from all four Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPA), Caltrans, and other federal, state, and local governmental/regulatory agencies. A project website will be available throughout the life of the project, a restricted page of which can be accessed exclusively by the TAG.

August Public Meetings

Presentation PM1 DN V2
Presentation PM1 Hum V2
Presentation PM Lake V2
Presentation PM1 Mendo V2

Agenda for Public Meeting in Del Norte 2014 08 26
Agenda for Public Meeting in Humboldt 2014 08 25
Agenda for Public Meeting in Lake 2014 08 27
Agenda for Public Meeting in Mendocino 2014 08 28

Published Media

News Release – Climate Change Study – 08-07-2014
Climate Change Study Looks At Impacts To Mendocino County Roads
Times Standard
Ukiah Daily Journal
Fort Bragg Advocate News


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